Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Little Reading Spot...

Last week I convinced my husband to dismantle Mia's crib so we could make some changes to her bedroom. She turned 3 last month. She doesn't sleep in her crib. She never really has. She hasn't even napped in it for about a year (she only naps about twice a month these days). Mia and I cosleep. She still wakes up several times a night and needs to nurse for a few seconds before she can fall back, it's definitely easiest for me to sleep with her. I like cosleeping. I know it won't last forever...and sometimes I wish she slept in her own bed, just so she could have a cute bed in her own bedroom...and I do miss sleeping with my husband (who is a crazy/noisy sleeper and sleeps in another bedroom, poor guy)...but for the most part, I love the way things are. 

Anyway...for the last year or so, Mia's crib has been used as a fun little playpen, a trampoline, storage, and a bed for the cat. My husband, Scott, and I had discussed moving the crib before, and decided we'd leave it for a while. A few months later, I realized that Mia wasn't really playing in it that much, so I wanted it out of the room. 

We left the crib mattress on the floor where the crib had been, just in case Mia started to freak out once the crib was gone (which she only did briefly after seeing her crib in pieces), and I think it was a great idea. 

I doubt she will ever sleep on it, though. Every night at bedtime, I lie down with her on my bed (we have a queen mattress and a twin mattress pushed together and on the floor) until she's asleep. We will be moving in a few months, and then I plan on doing this same thing every night, but in MIA's new bedroom. That way she'll get used to sleeping in her own room. 

Until then, now Mia has a tiny bed in her own bedroom that she can sleep on anytime she wants...but can also use it for other a reading spot. It's the third one in her room! There is also a chair and a beanbag. I know people say you can never have too many reading spots...but it's not that big of a room! I'm thinking I might move the chair into our living room. 

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