Sunday, February 24, 2013

Current Favorite Books at Our House

Mia's favorite books right now are three titles in the "Barefoot Sing-a-Longs" collection. These are picture books that come with a music cd. The text of the book is the lyrics to the song on the cd. There are lots more in the series, but we have only checked out three from our local library so far. Mia LOVES them. I really like the illustrations AND the songs too. If you have a child that is having a hard time sitting still to listen to a story read to them, I suggest trying one of these books. Mia loves to jump in her doorway jumper (from when she was a baby-she still jumps in it several times a day, at almost 3 years old! Weirdo!) while we play the songs over and over and over again, while Mom or Dad sing along and hold up the books so she can see the pictures. It's a fun way to mix in more reading. I wouldn't recommend these for reading/playing as part of bedtime routines...they're too much fun! Mia has often begged to listen to them when we read before bed, but we have to tell her no...she'd never go to sleep if having so much fun listening to them! ;)

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